Bloem stock up on booze as the English and Germans arrive for the big game

World Cup organisers moved on Thursday to ensure Bloemfontein bars were stocked with enough booze as the city braced for an invasion of thousands of thirsty England and Germany fans.

George Mohlakoana, chief executive of the Mangaung Local Organising Committee, said up to 25 000 English fans and up to 10 000 German supporters were expected in the city for Sunday’s match.

“Normally, in terms of our own provincial laws, Sunday is considered a day when alcohol should not be sold from wholesalers. However, you can get alcohol from restaurants and pubs.”
Organisers had communicated with pubs and restaurants to make them aware of the fact that the two sets of supporters come from beer and wine drinking  cultures and that they would need to stock adequate supplies.

One of South Africa’s most popular wines, Arniston Bay will also be available at some restaurants and retailers. For those following the game on the “Tele”, be sure to enjoy this great South African wine with this great South African World Cup.


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